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Hehe. They're 13 in this picture! x3 I purposely drew them younger because I don't want him *myself* to feel old.

As you can see, my 3 OCs go waaaay back. Adam had shorter hair and was a lot more serious and mature than he was now, thus explaining the lack of emotion on his face in this picture.
Ethan was actually very playful and childish back then too.
As the years went by, they outgrew their personalities, both being a bit of a 'problem-child', they finally identified who they truly were and where they really 'fit' in the world.
WP transformed from the Super-serious-stuck-up to someone who's carefree and crazy. While Ethan transformed from Playful to matured.
I really would LOVE to tell you why their personalities changed but, problemed children means LONG back story. I have an exam tomorrow so yadda yadda yadda.

(In case you didn't get the 'Happy birthday to me' joke: WP shares the same birthday as me e3e)

P.S. I was in a hurry to finish this drawing. I LOVE YOU EXAMS! THANKS FOR BEING THERE FOR ME. =3=
P.P.S. I'm not sure if any of this made sense.
Fav & Comment! <3
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ask-BanditPrincess Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Admin: woops got accounts mixed up thought i was on this one XD anyway WHAT I POSTED BEFORE STANDS TRUE!
Yuzzuki Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Student General Artist
(Okies o3o *returns glomp*)
Admin: I'm not Yuzzuki, we're both two separate people btw. o3o (in case, you didn't know that) 
WP: *Returns glomp too* x3 thankies. 
Ethan: It's not my birthday xd Admin and I were just wishing WP a happy birthday in this picture. I was supposed to have a dialogue :]
WP: Really? What were you supposed to say. 
Admin: *laughs* Yeah, a Stuck-up freak. 
WP: HEY! I'm not stuck up anymore, I'm totally awesome now. 8] 
(Not anymore 8D *Snap fingers*)
Ethan: WEEEEEEEEEEE~!~!~!~!~!
Akane: Guys... WE'RE 13 AGAIN. 
Adam: ... -_-
Ethan: Hey, lady! O3O *touches Vennet's bewbies* squishy. HAHAHAHA *runs and pranks innocent bystanders* 
WP: You're sick, Ethan. *reads a thick factual book* Why don't you sit still for once. *nose still in his book* 
Akane: Ethannnn! DX *throws soggy socks* GET BACK HERE! <--got hit by a water balloon.

ask-BanditPrincess Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Vennet: Ethan! D///////:
Admin: >:3 *makes Vennet 13*
vennet: w-what?! ADMIN!!!!!!!! *glares*
Admin: teehee sawwy -w- (not) OH OH OH!!!!!! i havnt introduced u guys to NW yet have i??? -w-
Yuzzuki Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Student General Artist
WP: NW? I hope it's not another troublesome person, because we already have one. *delicately flips a page as he points at Ethan* 
Ethan: AHAHAHAHAHAHA! *abuses his super speed to pull down random people's pants*
Admin: *rolls eyes* Oh, don't be like that, Stuck-up freak! *Grabs WP's book* Ew, the history of history?! O3O WHO READS THAT.
WP: Me. Now give it back. 
Admin: You're probably going to memorize it
WP: Already did. 
Admin: O.O Here. *was about to give it back when*
Ethan: *grabs the book and stuff it in Vennet's shirt* Want it back, freak? Take it. >:] 
WP: Really, Ethan? Very mature.
Ethan: REALLY?! :3 THANKS! *didn't take the hint*
Admin: Quit harassing Vennet. Q3Q
Ethan: I'M ALLOWED TO! 8D I HARASS EVERYONE WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE. I touched Vennet's Admin's and your bewbs 40 times now. My hand brush pass WP's chest a few times too. 
WP: So, that's why it felt windy down there. 
Admin: *speechless*
Ethan: What? What if he grew some bewbs by night? I want to be the first to squish em x3

ask-BanditPrincess Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Vennet: *goes bright red and takes the book out of her shirt* *flips back to the page her was on and hands it back to him* h-here Adam
Admin: *about to back-hand Ethan* >:(
Vennet: *grabs my hand* dont hurt him Admie.....
Admin: *sighs and punchs a wall* *continues talking while Venny patches up my hand* anyway~! no NW isnt troublesome at all ^^ she's quite reserved actually~ Night Witch? *looks around* where is sh-
NW: *taps my shoulder* Hello Admin u called?
Admin: *jumps squeaking* Q~Q dont sneak up on me..... TnT
NW: ahh.... sorry..... *stops floating and delicately lands on her feet*
Yuzzuki Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Student General Artist
WP: Thank you, Vennet. *continues his reading*
Ethan: *staring at the dent in the wall* Was the wall supposed to be me? *evil smirk* I'd say bring it. Hit me.
WP: I believe the purpose of her punching the wall was so that she won't hit you... because Vennet doesn't want her to. *flips a page* 
Ethan: Is that so? *disappears and appears by Vennet* 
What's up with you? Why do you even care if she hits me or not? *emitting a dark aura* What are you trying to do, little girl? *snickers* Win my vote or something? 
Admin: THAT'S ENOUGH! DX *forces me to turn him 16* ETHAN IS A HORRIBLE 13 yr old! He's scarier that dark WP. 
Ethan: *16 AGAIN* Eh. o3o WHO ARE YOU KIDS? 
WP: *puts down his book* I'm sure you know who we are. 
Ethan: *stares at NW* except for her. o-o
WP: Oh, that's Night witch, she's a new friend of ours. 
Admin: *glomping NW as we speak* 
WP: She seems decent and acceptable in my eyes. *small smile before taking out another book* Now that you're 16 again, I don't have to worry about you bullying the poor girl. 
Ethan: Ahhh, serious WP. -3- Been a long time since I've seen this. *nudges NW* What WP said is a very huge compliment btw, though it seems light. haha
ask-BanditPrincess Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
NW: *nods her head in thanks towards WP allowing u to glomp her*
Venny: *gets changed back as well* *pokes Ethans nose* he wasn't that bad
Admin: dang Ethan she REALLY likes u o.o
Venny: *blushs lightly and sighs* admin..... *shaked her head like "really?"*
Admin: xD anywayz ..... WP y u so serious >.< ALSO IF U THINK ETHAN IS BAD OMFG JUST TURN VENNY 12- *gets a hand slapped over my mouth*
Venny: *glaring at me* say another word and u loose ur tongue
Yuzzuki Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Student General Artist
Ethan: We all been bad at one point, huh? o: I've been a bit bad from start 'til I turn 14. WP's bad between 5-7, only he returned to that phase at age 15. 
WP: *sigh* being troublesome is troubling. Better cherish this calm and simple life while I can, huh? I am definitely not looking forward to being 15. 
Admin: ... Am I the only one who remains the same from start to end?! DX I mean,
Ethan lived up to his 'Playful Prince' title, while WP was a serious stuck up freak. I'm still the 'me' now, back then! I'm not sure if I like me. *squeezes NW tighter in comfort* 
WP: *Sets book down* I like you and I, for one, don't want you to change...
Admin: ..............The books are finally getting to his head. O: 
Ethan: This is proof that books aren't always good for you. e3e *pats Vennet* stay away from them, okay? 
Admin: Hey, we should burn these monstrosities! 8D 
Ethan: That'll be fun! 8D *Grabs Vennet's hand* LET'S GO! *leads everyone to open fields* 
Admin: ...Thanks for trying to make me feel--
WP: I meant it. Every word. *gets up and follows Ethan, leaving her alone* 

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poofy98 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Admin: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! *glomps u and Adam* wait.... is it Ethan's b-day too??? .... aww who caure u get hugs too -w- *pulls him into the hug*
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